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Creative Makers Project; with Mapledown School

'Sensory Seas'


In 2019 lead artist, Mike Roberts, worked alongside 20 pupils with severe learning difficulties from Mapledown School, to produce sound, music and visual art exploring aquatic themes.  The results were installed in the foyer of 'artsdepot' for 3 months during the summer, filing the entire space with the ambience of underwater imaginings.

The multi-sensory installation incorporated an 'eternally descending' soundscape - voiced through vibrating various surfaces of the foyer; a multi-point projection of wave patterns; light transparent window murals; and conventionally hung artwork. 


The participating pupils engaged with the themes through activities that stimulated 4 senses to provoke artistically expressive responses.  The installation similarly stimulated 4 senses in order to convey the pupils' artistic responses to visitors.

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