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About us:  ICMUS (pronounced 'ick-moo' with a silent 's'), is an 'umbrella' organisation specilising in all aspects of creating and producing great community music projects.  From strategic planing in the early stages of a project, to fine-tuning the logisitcs of performance and recording, ICMUS is a flexible collective of individuals and network of professionals that can expand or shrink as the context requires.  From sourcing individual artists, consultants and workshop leaders to providing large-scale ensembles and full project mangement, we work with literally hundreds of musicians, composers, teachers, workshop leaders, artists, technicians etc., under the experienced guidance ICMUS' founder and artistic director, Mike Roberts: 

Mike Roberts - founder & artistic director  


Mike has over 20 years experience in Community Music as a composer, producer, pianist/MD and teacher.   His compositional debut was with The Jim Henson Organisation where, among other bizarre scenarios, he had the pleasure of writing for Joni Mitchell’s younger muppet incarnation, ‘Lola’.  As a Musical Director, Mike cut his teeth playing for The London Contemporary Dance Theatre before MD’ing a range of productions from London Pantos to inner-city outreach projects and local community musical theatre.  He has worked extensively with individual schools, amateur music ensembles and local authority music services whilst also co-directing a variety of larger-scale projects with the BBC Symphony Orchestra, Wigmore Hall and The Barbican Centre. Complementing and informing his community work is an impressive portfolio of commercial work - with a range of clients including the BBC, Telemagination, Universal, Warner Chappell, Brook Lapping etc - and a significant teaching role as professor of Electronic Music at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, London.  [click for CV]

Core Team (click picture for Director's biog/CV)

Caroline Tucker

Director / Business Specialist

Matthew King

Director / Composer

Sarah Barnes

Company Secretary

Education Specialist

Hazel Farrow

Workshop Leader


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