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A song for Rights Respecting Schools
"Even When We Sing"  
Horfield CEVC Primary School Choir
In 2011 Horfield CEVC Primary School commissioned a song for their choir and pianist - "Even When We Sing" - to celebrate and inform their invovlement with the UNICEF Rights Respecting Schools Scheme. They asked for a song that could involve and engage all their singers - from those most comfortable holding the main tune, to those more confident to try out a harmony (or two).  It was premiered in a peformance at Bristol Aquarium and later recorded in 2015 with full orchestra and the joint forces of Horfield's choir and the award wining Cantate Youth Choir. 
Children from Horfield CEVC Primary School recording "Even When We Sing"
The song is based on articles 12, 13 & 14 of UNICEF's Convention for the Rights of the Child:  
12) respect for the views of children; 13) freedom of expression;  14) freedom of thought, belief and religion
Performing "Even When We Sing"    
All the resources you'll need to perform "Even When We Sing" are provided here, free of charge, for you to download. There are 3 audio files that can be downloaded (in the player on the right hand side) >>>
  1. Performance (so your choir can learn the song)
  2. Backing Track (as an accompaniment for performance)
  3. Rehearsal Guide (if you don't have a pianist) 
The sheet music and lyrics can be viewed and downloaded by clicking the links below: 
The harmonies are 'optional' so the song will work with just the main meody.   Orchestral score/parts available by email.
"Even When We Sing" is included as a bonus song on the "News from Nowhere Fellowship Symphony" album; our most recent recording.  News from Nowhere is an ambitious community music project that involved hundreds of school children and young people, across 12 different ensembles and a mass non-auditioned choir.  The project was recently recorded with Cantate and is now available to be performed by schools and community groups.  Click here for further details.  
Commissioning your own Song    
The process of commissioning a song like "Even When We Sing' for your Choir is an extremely rewarding experience; providing a elevated level of engagement in the subject matter of the song - with the potential of involving your choir in the actual process of composition.  Should you wish to explore this possibilty, please email to discuss options without any obligation.
© 2015 ICMUS - "Even When We Sing" was composed by Mike Roberts and commissioned by Horfield CEVC Primary School, Bristol.  The song may be performed free of charge and the support resources on this page used free of charge.  Recording the song is also permitted unless the recording is to be made availabe for sale or broadcast - in which case written permission must be obtained from ICMUS first.
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